There is a love that dies to be with you.

It's easy to feel like we have to have it all together.

To the one who is broken--

To the one who pretends to have it all together:

There is someone who knows.

It’s ok. You’re not alone. God sees you and is with you; he loves to be. Not like a Love for tacos, but with a love that words can’t quite capture. It’s heavy, it’s all-consuming and it dies to be with you.

You don’t have to fake it. God sees more than you see. The pain inside goes deeper. But his love is even greater.

The Scoundrel Seed

The seed is mighty. Small though it may be, it has the potential to become a tree to provide shade in the heat and a home to wildlife; it could be a forest.

Sometimes when we experience a conflict, abuse or another kind of injustice, we hold on to a piece of it. Oftentimes unknowingly. Picture it as a seed that falls into the soil without taking notice of it. You think you’ve cleaned up the mess, but it slipped through the cracks and was left behind. Winter comes and goes with spring on its heels. New water and sunshine bring up beautiful flowers—- along with that nasty weed. How did that get there? Why won’t it go away? No wonder the flowerbed wasn’t blooming. The weeds choked it out!

The seed is a piece of hurt that was held on to or not wholly dealt with. It might seem fine for a time, but it ends up causing trouble that wasn’t previously seen.

In order to fully experience God’s presence, we need to allow ourselves to be free to run to him. With confidence as a fully accepted child, as a friend and as someone who belongs to be with him. He scoops us up, dead as we are, and makes us alive.

Don't let the bad seeds of past hurts sprout deep roots. Don't let them shield you from God. If you feel like something is blocking your relationship or access to him, ask him about it. Ask him to reveal any hurt that hinders you from running into his arms.

God tends to us when we are broken. He is like water and wind that fills the gaps of a broken vase. Right now, try giving him permission to fill the cracking holes you feel. Even if the tiniest part of you longs for truth in this statement, let him show you his reality. Despite any doubt, if there is one drop of longing, he will come.

He can, will and wants to be with you. Ask for him to help make you aware that he is already with you.

The Good Seed

Now it's time for something good. Some good news. The best kind.

Let this be planted deeper into your spirit. Allow the roots to grow deeper into the most solid foundation.

God loves you so much that he came down to earth, humbling himself as a human, to die so we could be together. Anything we could sacrifice on our own wouldn't last a lifetime. It would never allow us to fully embrace our relationship with God as our father, creator and savior. We would be counting our sins and mistakes one by one to confess them later and pray that we are worthy enough.

But we don't have to do that! We are worthy because Jesus’ sacrifice was exactly what was needed. Jesus' purpose was not to show us how much we got wrong. He came so we could live with God. So we could be his temple. And bring his original plan back to earth.

God literally raised Jesus from the dead. Even after people scoffed at him. Ridiculed him. Rejected and mocked him. The Creator of the universe breathed his life back into Jesus. Because of this, we also have deeper access to his spirit. Because he is alive, we are alive. He was accepted and honored by his Father in heaven. Now we are too. Let those old thoughts die. It's time to live.

If you've heard this good news, let it grow larger. Let this seed become a forest that provides shade for others. Sit by the waters of God’s spirit, sink your roots deeper into his truth and be a mighty cedar! For you were once bound for death, but now you can live!

We wear a facade; a mask to show the world we’re doing fine.

Again, I say, the seed is mighty.

Small though it may be, it has the potential to become a tree to provide shade in the heat and a home to wildlife; it could be a forest.

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