There’s something lyrical about the way God creates.

A rhythm, a pattern and a purpose

We see rhythm and patterns in nature that could only point to intentionality of design. Take a minute to look at the patterns woven onto a ‘helicopter’ seed. It looks like a tree or roots are sprouting!

Study the solar system to find the exact distance from the sun that provides enough warmth for life to thrive, but not too much so that it would burn up. Find Earth at that ideal distance. Now look at a human. The complex amount of systems working together– blood, breath, reproductive… so many!

The story of creation is written with a cadence. God creates, is wholly satisfied in what he made, then we see the next day. There’s something lyrical about the way God creates, and as God’s creation, we sing a song back to him in honor of the beauty with which he creates; as his creation we get to sing a new song to him.

We put some songs together for you!

Worship through song

To worship God is more than just singing a song. Worship is living our lives for him. We were purposed to worship. But God does love the song of worship. We can worship in our hearts as we seek his word, and we can worship with our bodies as we sing and dance with him.

The act of singing out loud, raising our hands or dancing can be a symbolic way of 1) showing God we give our physical self to him and 2) telling our physical body that its existence is less important than our spirit.

This season, make it a priority to meet with God, as he wants to meet with you! If you can, dedicate a specific place to go to, such as a room, to visit every morning. As you build consistency in meeting God there, it will build expectation in you. You’ll be able to wake up and know God is there. The God of creation, our Lord and savior is there to be with you!

Our prayer for you…

We pray that God reveals himself to you during times of worship. That he stirs hunger in your heart for more of him. That the longing of your heart would be to know him and be known by him. That your desire to see what he sees, feels what he feels and hears what he is saying is met. We thank God for you! Through Jesus, let it be!

We are more than just our physical bodies!
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