Hey friends! Welcome to Stirring Hunger.

This content community comes out of a desire to stir hungry hearts to see and be a new Jesus Movement. Recently my wife and I had the chance to go out to Toronto for a conference and for three days, we were immersed in a culture of incredible hunger for God. We watched as miracles took place in us and around us. Parts of our heart came alive with newfound passion. Everything changed and we came back knowing we would never be the same. We also sensed God giving us a mandate to stir this same hunger in others.
We believe passionately that a global Jesus movement is just around the corner and already in the making. And we believe YOU are destined to be a part of it. This is not a place for us to share our thoughts with the world. This is a place for every burning heart longing to take part in the move of God to find inspiration and conversation about a global Jesus movement.  We couldn’t be more excited to be along for the ride with so many amazing people!
As we launch this blog, we do it with great humility but also a big vision in our spirits. Let’s make the most of media platforms by making much of Jesus. Lets put our differences aside and find ways to unify in our desire for revival.
A few cultural principles to follow:
1. No agenda; just Jesus. This community is not a place to promote or sell products. We are not organizing politically and are not interested in endorsing things. We are after experiencing more of Jesus and becoming more like him. That is our pursuit and the purpose of our content and conversations.
2. Fuel the fire: We want a community full of encouragement, passion and joy. We want everyone to feel free to be vulnerable and authentic, but let’s intentionally choose joy even when we’re struggling and always seek to fan into flame the gift of God in others. Be a burning bush, not a wet blanket.
3. Celebrate diversity, seek unity: it is almost guaranteed you will not agree with everything written by us or by someone else who participates in these conversations. When this happens, we need to practice the art of disagreeing gracefully. There will be no name calling, negative nay saying or tearing down others. It’s OK to politely challenge or respectfully disagree but a personal attack of any kind is unacceptable. There is more that unites us than divides us. Let’s focus on Jesus and let the negotiable go.
If we keep these principles in mind, I believe this community can truly thrive and propel each of us into deeper encounter with Jesus and community with others.
Let’s open our eyes and surrender our lives. Come have your way Lord Jesus!
Richard & Becca
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